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Our lastest visit in June2016

This year my daughter and my daughter-in-law came with both Liz and I on our trip to visit our project and partners. As ever we were all self-funding and the two ladies were hugely keen to come as they have been so involved with our work for 12 years.

We visited many of our partners in Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, Soweto, Limpopo, Norther Cape and Mpumalanga. It was a mind-blowing trip for them to see and understand the reality of the lives of so many vulnerable children, yet really affirming to see all the stunning work that our partners are doing with our support.

Much of the detail of our visit is on our Facebook page.

Visiting the apartheid museum

Toys update - October 2016

To date, with the help of DHL, we have sent from the UK to South Africa, over 2,500 soft toys for vulnerable children. The outpouring of love and donations of beautiful soft toys has been quite amazing and we thank every child and parent/guardian who have donated. Each and every toy that we sent will be cherished in their new home. We are now stopping accepting toys because those lovely people at do this all the time, again with DHL, and send toys to children all over the world. Any kind people who wish to donate will now be referred to them.

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Toys going to Mogodu children’s home – Christmas 2015

toys toys toys

Some of our wonderful friends clubbed together and packaged up 19 boxes of toys for the children at Mogodu Children’s Home – a home that has so little and struggles on whatever support it can get and yet takes in battered and damaged children and gives them love and kindness and some security.

We packed them up in huge boxes and sent them; thanks to DHL and our dear friends at Imisebeyelanga, we got them there just in time for Christmas.

Each individual child had a box of toys and there was one special one for Wilhelmina, the inspiration and driving force behind the Children’s Home.  You can see the curiosity and anticipation and joy on each child’s face.

toys toys toys
toys toys toys

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Malta 2015

It was great to be asked to speak at the Women’s Forum of CHOGM in Malta in late November. I spoke about how our work was conceived and how it has grown, what the situation is like in South Africa for thousands and thousands of children and the work we have done over the last 11 years. Nicole, from Kids R Special, came all the way from South Africa and talked about her own life and the work we are all doing together to help protect small children. It was a great few days with many very inspiring women and we were thrilled to be amongst them all.

Our project locations

Map of South Africa

We are not sending any more toys to South Africa. If you would like to donate then please contact the lovely people at:

We are proud and honoured that our work has been recognised by the UK Prime Minister, and that he has given Lesley his Point of Light award, stating
With the Infant Trust Lesley has empowered thousands of women across South Africa to protect and safeguard children in their communities. The education and training she has provided has helped to improve the lives of over 800,000 children, tackling the violence and abuse that affects too many of them in their early years. As we mark International Women’s Day this week I am delighted to recognise all that Lesley has done.”
You can find the full story at
Why are so many small children abused by male perpetrators in South Africa? Our researcher interviewed 27 perpetrators in prison in South Africa; all are in jail after being found guilty of some of the most terrible crimes against some of the most vulnerable children – some as young as a few days old. Those interviewed are all men aged between 16 years and 84 years old, and all have brutalised and raped at least one child. But the findings aren’t maybe what we might expect – it makes interesting reading.  We have been funding research into this for 5 years and it is finally finished and published .

Our flagship Caring for Crèches programme has reached into some of the poorest communities in five of the nine provinces in South Africa and we have crèche leaders everywhere clamouring for the training. We have now trained over 2,200 people and they in turn have already positively impacted on the lives of over 160,000 children … and will continue to help many hundreds more children for years to come