We owe some very big thanks to:

To all those who donate regular amounts every months we can’t thank you enough – you are the backbone of our work and we couldn’t do our work without you.

People who remain anonymous yet donate small and large amounts of money – whoever you are and whatever you can afford we thank you for helping us to protect young and vulnerable children in South Africa, your donations are gratefully received and well spent.

Yet again our wonderful friends at Persula have been immensely supportive of our Caring for Creches programme.

Bright Future Trust continues to work with us, to have faith in what we do and to provide very significant funds and to help us ensure sustainable programmes training local and community volunteers.

The Souter Trust has donated money to our Caring for Creches project for three years and we can never thank them enough.

We must never forget our trustees who work on behalf of the trust all the time, quietly in the background, providing knowledge, expertise and support.

All our individual fundraisers who set up and organise the most amazing fund-raising days – thank you again.


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Our amazing friend, Fiona Brown, gathered the most enormous box of nearly new football kit from her local football clubs and it has been re-distributed to two struggling soccer teams in northern SA. They are ecstatic! Football kit

Thanks again to http://www.bright-future.org.uk/ who give us such wonderful continuing and substantial support for our work with partners in three provinces in South Africa.

Persula logo

The wonderfully supportive trustees at Persula have given us another major grant for 2010 which helps enormously with the work we are doing with Childline. Thank you for your faith and trust in us and our South African partners.

In December 2009 Slough Town Supporters trust donated their second-hand kit to the Ghetto Boyz, who were ecstatic. Many thanks to them, and a very special thanks to Karen Gumbs who has helped gather such a lot of kit, parcel it up and then get it sent off – no mean task.

We have two donors who wish to remain anonymous, and who, in mid-late 2009 gave us £5,000 each. A million thanks.

We were so excited when Generations Charitable Trust decided to support our work and give us funding for one of our major training programmes - enormous thanks

Soroptimist logo

We were adopted by Derby Soroptomists as their ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2009 - 2010. What a great compliment and endorsement for our work … huge thanks to all the Soroptomists.

Linda McQuaid, one of our trustees, ran the London Marathon in April, raising over £2,000 for us. Brilliant, well done Linda.

Thank you to all the parents and friends who contribute the second hand football kit for our parcels to South Africa, I can never properly explain how grateful they are to receive your donations; particularly thanks to Karen Richardson who collects everything and allows her garage to become the dumping and sorting ground for all the stuff.


DHL have come to our rescue and from September 2014 they will provide and transport boxes of toys from the UK to children at risk, children in distress and children who have suffered most horribly in South Africa. DHL logo

Thanks again to http://www.bright-future.org.uk/ who give us such wonderful support in funding our training in three provinces in South Africa.

We have two very generous donors who regularly send us about £200 via the Charities Trust and about £150 via Give Now/CAF bank … and I haven’t a clue who you are! All I can say is the most enormous thank you; your joint annual donations pay for two volunteers to work for 12 months in a crèche with very small children who would otherwise be exposed to significant danger – it also pays for all the associated specialist training for the same volunteers enabling them to recognize abuse and act thereby helping to break the cycle of abuse. You really are helping us to make a difference, thank you.

An enormous thank you to everyone who has given so amazingly generously this Christmas [2008] …. the world’s media would have us thinking that during this time of belt tightening all charitable contributions have dried up – all I can say is that this year more people have been even more generous than usual, so a huge, huge, HUGE thank you from us and from our partners who are all working so hard to support women and men, protect small children aiming to break the cycle.
Marvellous, everything we are able to do is because of YOU!

We had a fundraising and awareness-raising event at the House of Lords in May 2008 and so many thanks to so many people, but particularly our Patrons and Trustees and the support we gained from that afterwards. You can see some of the photos in our photo gallery.

The Joffe Charitable Trust has joined with Persula to help support our Imisebeyelanga project where we are setting out this year to train 90 community volunteers – see the news section, the story about this great project is there.

Huge thanks go to all the staff at The Gallery, [London Rd, Gerrards Cross. 01753 886977] who held a fundraising day in January 2008 – they all gave their time free so that customers could have a great day, donate the money to us and I hope they all had lots of fun. On this amazing day they raised over £1,800!

We received a huge donation from an anonymous donor just before Christmas 2007 and I can't contact you, so this is just to say a very, very big thank you

Persula logo Our very grateful thanks go to the Persula Foundation who are supporting a major project helping to bust the virgin myth, and other myths, through a major training programme for 90 people in northern Gauteng.

Thank you again to Dr Chai Patel who has generously funded our promotional film - the short version is on the website here.

Rana Muller, who heard about our work through her daughter and set about getting lots and lots of support through her Facebook cause.

To the Open University for their support and collaboration in devising and co-funding a PhD programme.

To Dr & Mrs. C. Patel who have donated loads of money, and who really believe in what we are doing.

To Karen Woolley who has guided and chivvied to help us with all our governance arrangements

All the people who make small or large donations – your commitment really matters to us and to the children.

For all the emails and messages of support and encouragement.

AIB logo The Allied Bank of Ireland from their staff care committee who donated so generously in December 2005 and June 2006.

Prof. Gordon Hughes - for donating thousands of airmiles and money so Lesley can visit South Africa

Gay and David Jennions - for working way above the call of duty to get the website up and running so efficiently, regularly maintained, regularly updated and answering all our IT questions day and night.

The Gallery [hairdresser] - for holding a fundraising evenings in April 2005 and April 2006. The Gallery, London Rd, Gerrards Cross. 01753 886977 - ask for Jackie ... she's great

Sincere thanks to all who gave so generously on 23rd July 2005. Thank you everybody.

All the offers of time and support from so many people.

Our project locations

Map of South Africa

We are not sending any more toys to South Africa. If you would like to donate then please contact the lovely people at: http://theteddytrust.wixsite.com/home

We are proud and honoured that our work has been recognised by the UK Prime Minister, and that he has given Lesley his Point of Light award, stating
With the Infant Trust Lesley has empowered thousands of women across South Africa to protect and safeguard children in their communities. The education and training she has provided has helped to improve the lives of over 800,000 children, tackling the violence and abuse that affects too many of them in their early years. As we mark International Women’s Day this week I am delighted to recognise all that Lesley has done.”
You can find the full story at https://www.pointsoflight.gov.uk/2268-2/
Why are so many small children abused by male perpetrators in South Africa? Our researcher interviewed 27 perpetrators in prison in South Africa; all are in jail after being found guilty of some of the most terrible crimes against some of the most vulnerable children – some as young as a few days old. Those interviewed are all men aged between 16 years and 84 years old, and all have brutalised and raped at least one child. But the findings aren’t maybe what we might expect – it makes interesting reading.  We have been funding research into this for 5 years and it is finally finished and published .

Our flagship Caring for Crèches programme has reached into some of the poorest communities in five of the nine provinces in South Africa and we have crèche leaders everywhere clamouring for the training. We have now trained over 2,200 people and they in turn have already positively impacted on the lives of over 160,000 children … and will continue to help many hundreds more children for years to come